Route №1
Enter -> Przevalsky's horse -> Ostrich -> Zebra -> Demoiselle crane -> European brown bear -> Deer -> pheasantcot -> Pheasant -> Antelope -> Flamingo -> Children's playground -> Reindeer -> alpaca -> Bennett’s kangaroo -> Russian animals -> Dovecot -> Contact zoo -> Ark

Route №2
Enter -> Russian animals -> Bennett’s kangaroo -> Dovecot -> Ark -> Poultry yard -> Contact zoo -> alpaca -> Przevalsky's horse -> Reindeer -> Children's playground -> Canna -> Emu -> White stork -> Spotted deer -> Wild boar -> Pony -> elk -> European brown bear -> Deer -> Demoiselle crane -> pheasantcot -> Pheasant -> Antelope -> Flamingo

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While loading page you can read some information about Yaroslavl Zoo

On an interactive card of the Yaroslavl zoo visitors are offered to familiarise with its animals and objects from height of the bird's flight. A card probably to move, keeping the cursor. On a clique on any animal or object on a card you can open the detailed information on them with the image. Besides in this section of a site virtual excursion on зоопрарку is accessible. This function is started under the reference 'Pass on a route'

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